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My maternal grandmother is from New Zealand, she lived there among the mountains, and in the box of her secrets she left me a big secret and carried me a message to every girl in this world

My dear
I am a woman who thought I was not beautiful, so I lost my self-confidence, until I came across a wise man who found me pale, so I put honey in my hands that is not like other honey: its texture is heavier and its color is darker, and she told me its secret, so I put it on my skin, and it increased its softness, and I dripped it on my hair, so it became more moisturizing, and I passed it on my body, so it gave life . It was like magic or is it, then I knew it was manuka honey and only then did I realize the truth
My dear, I am writing to you to tell you that you are a beautiful woman, but every woman has her own beauty that is not repeated. Just discover it and take care of it, and then the whole world will see how beautiful you are.